Caelum Print - Big Blue Dragon soaring across a Blue Sky with Clouds

July 26, 2019

Ten and the Azure Dragon in a large sky with clouds


Codename: Caelum

Full title: Azure Heavens Dragon

"I don't understand," - Questioner.

"You know Caelum means sky or heavens in Latin so it covers Azure Heavens Dragon wonderfully," - Del Elle.

"The conversation title of course. It's a mouthful."

"Narrator's trying something out. If it doesn't work we'll change it."

"Don't bring Narrator into this: It's got you written all over it."

"Vast as the Heavens was Narrator's idea," - Del Elle.

"Full applause to him. But you're not getting away with a re-think of the title, Del," - Questioner.