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    Falcon Crest Artwork - Red Falcon Badge Print

    Scarhys Crest with falcon and windmill shield


    "I don't really know why you do it like this. It's Scarhys, Del. Scarhys the Seaside Duchy or Dukedom," - Questioner.

    "What's the Codename for this one? I've forgotten," - Narrator.

    "Red Falcon. It was one of your suggestions," - Del Elle.

    "Really? I thought mine was Red and Yellow on account of the manteling flowing from the helmet."

    "Which would be correct because Red Falcon was my (italics) suggestion after hearing that Del was going to call it Seaside Castle. Another yawn-mouthful along with Red and Yellow. It's got to be quick. Slide off the tongue. Not still be saying it ten seconds later. " - Questioner.

    "Great choice, Questioner," - Narrator.

    "Stupendous..." - Del Elle.

    "What does that mean..?" - Questioner.