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    Ignis Artwork - Phoenix of the Fire Field Print


    Ignis - Ka of the House of Flame and the immortal being known as the Ruby Phoenix. Between - almost curling it's burning arms around them - blazes the Chinese and Japanese character for Fire: All three producing a burning glare that lights up the very sky.


    "I thought her name was Ruby Fire Phoenix," - Questioner.


    "I thought its subtitle - or header - was Fierce as Fire or even Hot Fire," - Narrator.


    "Ruby Fire Phoenix is the artwork's true name..." - Del Elle.


    "But..." - Questioner.


    "I'm getting a Codename coming on. Something that captures the very essence of the force of nature."


    "Let me guess...Ignis since you can't use Ka since he's already sat in the picture looking at the Phoenix and just saying it's fire is too obvious for you."


    "Something like that."


    "Ignis means Fire in Latin," - Narrator.


    "That's why I picked it," - Del Elle.


    "But They might not get it," Questioner continues. "If you're going to put that on the other pages, you had better add the meaning too.


    "Point taken as always," - Del Elle (sighs).