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    Mitre and Crozier Symbol Print - Mitre Badge Artwork

    Abbeysfold Fields and Clouds crest with falcon and dove


    "A different mood to the previous one. Makes me want to visit," - Questioner.

    "Abbeysfold was always one of the more peaceful districts of the Swan Kingdom. People could go there to have a time of rest and refreshment as well as study," - Del Elle.

    "Sounds like my kind of place," - Narrator.

    "I'm more of a sun, sea and sand kind of person. I would fall asleep in there," - Questioner.

    "Would a nice nap be such a bad thing every now and then?" - Del Elle.

    "While Narrator starts thinking that he's in a play and your entire being ends up a cloud because you get so concept and theory-minded? Not on my watch," - Questioner.