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    Characters Print T-Shirts - Hanzi/ Kanji Element Graphic Tees

    Launch Date: 28.09.2018



    You may find this too in that we find that ideas just seem to 'pop in' every so often.


    Sometimes we pay them no attention ("That's me," - Questioner).


    Other times we explore them for a bit then pour cold water on them ("I did this a lot," - Del Elle).


    Others still we explore, get really focused and consumed then due to outside events have to stop and move onto something else ("Me again," - Del Elle).


    Then one Sunday evening in July - over a year since you last tried - someone gently prompts you about carrying on with it again.


    The results are below:


     Ruby Fire Phoenix T-Shirt in Red


    Jade Wind Crane T-Shirt in Aqua


     Electric Storm Dragon T-Shirt in White


    Golden Sun Dragon T-Shirt in True Royal


    Silver Moon Unicorn T-Shirt in Navy


    Azure Heavens Dragon in True Heather Royal



    Each T-Shirt with prints of the artworks that make up the Characters Collection:

    Each in a colour chosen for the way that it works with the designs (Red for the burning heat of the Ruby Fire Phoenix; White for the bright glow of the Electric Storm Dragon; Navy like the Night Sky beyond the Silver Moon Unicorn).


    "I like how the Art Prints show the pieces in one way and the Phone Cases bring them out in another.

    The T-Shirts add a third layer: like another instrument to the music and I'm glad that the prompting came when it did."

    - Del Elle.




    "You forgot to ask them to email us which one is their favourite, Del. Conversations go both ways."

    - Questioner.


    "Don't I know it.."

    - Del Elle.


    "I heard that."