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    Concept Print T-Shirts - Aquila, Grus and Cygnus Graphic Tee Collection

    Launch Date: 05.12.2018



    From the beginning the idea was make the layout for the artist t-shirts from Concept different to those for the Characters and Seventh editions.


    To have the have the artwork printed all over a garment as if the former was the very water or dye that the latter had been submerged into. To have the 'wings' flowing across the front and the back and to also include a Delartelle tag on the back.


    It began with Aquila, Grus and Cygnus but it soon became clear that Eagle, Crane & Swan could have 'Horizontal' and 'Vertical' editions:




    Women's Aquila Violetta T-shirt




    Men's Grus Andeura T-shirt




    Women's Cygnus Radiana T-shirt




    Men's Eagle Crane Swan T-shirt




    Women's Eagle Crane Swan Verticillia T-shirt



    "It's as if with the Characters and the Seventh editions, the Concept print t-shirts have added a third element and a sense of completeness. As if - on a larger scale - they add balance to the fine art prints and the phone cases."

    - Del Elle.


    "I like it."

    - Questioner.