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Surface T-Shirts - "The Seventh" Editions

November 02, 2018

Launch Date: 12.10.2018



If you have looked at the pieces that make up the Characters Collection, none of the artworks are on a black canvas or T-shirt.


That was because we had decided that black would be the canvas for the artwork "All Six Together" or "Fire, Wind & Lightning: Sun, Moon & Heavens."


"But when designing the layout, we found that it was missing something:


Something that would take the elements on the front from Six to Seven:


Just as the T-Shirt itself would be the 'Seventh' in the Characters Collection."

- Del Elle.


"Oh for goodness sake; just tell them that you added the Delartelle logo as the 'Seventh Element' in the design."

- Questioner.


"You've just done it for me."

- Del Elle.


"Someone had to."


The result is below:




The Seventh T-Shirt Black Edition



We were thinking about having two more colours available in addition to the black, so we did some testing.

The following are colours or canvases that just seemed to 'connect' with artwork so much that we had to have them as Editions in their own right:


The Seventh T-Shirt Navy Edition


The Seventh T-Shirt Heather Midnight Navy Edition


The Seventh T-Shirt Heather Blue Edition


The Seventh T-Shirt Berry Edition


The Seventh T-Shirt Heather Raspberry Edition


The Seventh T-Shirt Pink Edition



Seven Pieces:


Seven Editions.


Seven Code-names:


Seventh in the Collection:




"You have forgotten again: Haven't you?"

- Questioner.


"Forgotten what?"

- Del Elle.


"To ask them to email us which T-Shirt is their favourite and why. We don't just talk 'at' people. We listen."

- Questioner.


"That's all I seem to do when we talk."

- Del Elle.


"Heard that too."

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