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    Today - or tonight or tomorrow, depends on the timezone you're in - your itching curiosity has landed you here from a web link and you want to discover a bit of the light source behind all of this...



    We tell stories.

    Places, characters. Bad days and poems.


    Whether its Fu helping Ka on a near-impossible task; Abbeysfold being part of the lost Swan Kingdom. Or Herdgewick not having a quiet afternoon.

    Each has its own story.


    Fu of Airisia
    Ka of the House of Flame



    In dusty portfolios they sat. Long-hand refill pads that hardly saw the light of day.

    But testing them on one or two marketplaces awoke a second joy within: That of applying the creations to different items.

    Prints, accessories and clothing; linked by an artwork thread.


    Abbeysfold Fields and Clouds



    On the virtual squares they might have remained: Lost amidst countless voices. But something prompted us into taking the difficult and still-ongoing steps of putting the creations and stories onto an online headquarters.

    No longer in darkness. But showing and telling in the online light.


    Leading to...

    Del Elle.


    Releasing beings and creations;

    Exploring combinations of colour.

    And - of course:





    P.S. If you're wondering what on earth the above book got to do with all this; Herdgewick has the not-so-quiet afternoon walk within it.