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    Fire Wind and Lightning; Sun Moon and Heavens, Edition 1 of 7

    The Six of them together (Ka, Fu and Den; Nichi, Tsuki and Ten). Or Fire, Wind and Lightning; Sun, Moon and Heavens.



    "Would you like to do this one Del?"

    - Narrator.


    "If I must. I prefer the other bit really."

    - Del Elle.


    "I like this bit. It's fun."

    - Questioner.


    "Here goes:


    The Seventh?

    Or the First?

    What we have here is Ka, Fu, Den; Nichi, Tsuki and Ten all on one surface. Behind each of them is their respective symbol or Character:


    Fire for Ka,

    Wind for Fu,

    Lightning for Den:


    Then Sun for Nichi,

    Moon for Tsuki and

    Heavens for Ten.


    In many ways the previous six artworks and everything else would not have done where it not for the six characters that make up this piece."

    - Del Elle.


    "So why is it the last one?"

    - Questioner.


    "Because I put it together in this form after the Six before it. Plus it closes the whole collection off."

    - Del Elle.



    - Questioner.






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