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Left one storyworld? Want to escape into another? How about the first two books of a fantasy series.

Why two?

Each is a bit like an hour-long episode, so if you finish book/ episode one, episode two's there for you to continue with.

Here's what you get:

1 paperback (6" x 9") of 'Prince of the Apple Towns'🍏 (Book 1 of the James and Jones series).

1 ebook of Prince of the Apple Towns.

1 paperback (6" x 9") of 'The Overtesian Bird' 🐓 (Book 2 of the James and Jones series).

1 ebook of The Overtesian Bird.

Have you got a blurb about them?

Here you go :)

Would you take your keepsake to a shop with half-baked signage?

Phillens does. He has an item he wants to deposit.

Not with a bank, but a consultancy complete with a surface-to-air train.

Only a keepsake for the vault is the last thing Jay and Jo want. That kind of heat could invite an apple town's worth of trouble...

Prince of the Apple Towns. The first book in the James & Jones series (oh yes - Jay's short for James and Jo's short for Jones).

How you know it's been a long day:

When a door knocker says that it wants a password.

After a fruitless trip to his parents, Jo wants a quiet evening.

Not be psyching himself up for an appointment where and he and Jay are the unwilling patients and someone else is the inquisitive bird-like consultant. It's usually the other way round...

The Overtesian Bird (Tesia for short). The second book in the James & Jones series.

If you want to read a little of Apple Towns, scroll through the image gallery to see the contents page and a good bit of the first chapter (Tesia is about the same number of pages as Apple Towns).


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I'm Del Elle (nice to meet you 🙇)

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