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    A Solis Art Piece - Bright Sun Dragon Print

    Nichi the Solar Poet and the Golden Sun Dragon


    Nichi the Solar Poet with the Golden Sun Dragon and the equally bright Chinese and Japanese character for Sun. The distant, light-filled sky is dotted with sailing clouds and the sphere of light itself.

    "It's called Golden Sun Dragon isn't it, so what's Bright Sun Dragon about?" - Questioner.

    "Bright's already covered in the 'Bright as the Sun' header. You could call it 'Sphere of Fire' or 'Sphere of Light' instead," - Narrator.

    "I mentioned the light sphere before. Bright Sun is an alternative, just like the Codename," - Del Elle.

    "Oh, don't let me forget: Solis is Latin for Sun. Can't wait for the next one, Del," - Questioner.