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Books FAQ

Londst, Apple Towns and Dances


What devices can I read my book on?

Any. Here are some examples:

  • Nooks, Kindles and Kobos;
  • iPhones, Android and Windows Phones;
  • PCs, Laptops, iPads, Android tablets and more;


What happens when I buy a book?

You will receive an email from BookFunnel. Within the email there will be a download link from where you can get your book.

There are different ways that you can download the book and install it on to your reading device or application. Pick the one that suits your device.


What if I'm not sure and am having problems?

On the download page, there is a "Need Help?" link at the top:

Click the link;

Fill in your contact details;

Pick the device or computer that you want to read on and:

The BookFunnel support team will contact and help you.


I didn't receive an email from BookFunnel. What do I do?

No problem. You can get your book from your BookFunnel library:

BookFunnel Library

Your email address is your login. If you bought the book with your PayPal account, your login will be your PayPal email address.


BookFunnel Library?

It's where the books you have ordered from Delartelle and have received from BookFunnel are stored.

In there, you can view any of the ebooks, pdfs, and/or audio MP3s that you have received from BookFunnel authors in the past (I found a book I'd completely forgotten that I'd ordered). Also, if you're short of storage space, you can read your book in your internet browser. Think of it as a backup; like cloud-storage.

Which reminds me, I must back-up the artwork...