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Bright as the Sun

Nichi the Solar Poet and the Golden Sun Dragon


Nichi the Solar Poet with the Golden Sun Dragon and the equally bright Chinese and Japanese character for Sun. The distant, light-filled sky is dotted with sailing clouds and the sphere of light itself.

Considering the point that this solar being is said to live in a floating building, Ka, Fu and Den meet Nichi lounging in a flower meadow.

From his point of view, the Earthly Realm is a fresh new source of material for his poetry; so trying to find someone who hasn't been seen at their home - or anywhere else - for a couple of hundred years is not a priority.

From Ka's, however, a long-tasselled ray of sunshine is talking to him; Fu's wary of the tongue of fire that doubles as Nichi's mane and Den isn't sure about the sun-cheeriness or the poems.