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Land of the Waterways

Canalsell Coat of Arms with Lion crest and pink background


If Abbeysfold is tranquil, the earldom to the east of Weathermere is busy.

Barges are on the move day or night in Canalsell:

Carts and wagons are more or less the same.

The two major towns - Hive of rainbow market activity Arrowell and Floral, Tailor and Dye Capital Asphodel - don't seem to settle down, even at night, and the second town's location on Lake Lavernda means that shipments from places further east can arrive.

Indeed, the roads of Canalsell were said to be among the finest in the Kingdom; and if it's canals have a rival, it's not mentioned in the earldom itself.

With all the activity in the main towns, the earls long ago shifted their primary residence to a so-called quieter location know as the "Willow Windmills".  Only the Windmills are in that area for a reason; as it was and still is a renowned Bakery and Brewery Hotspot.

In fact, it was around the time the Earl moved that the Family also adopted the new colours on their banner (also known as the Waterside) and from that point on they looked very striking at special events and when charging into battle (although some believe that the later Canalsell earls have lost the "Edge" that the early ones had)