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Last to join but first to answer the call to battle

Crest of Mosprey-mere with golden hawks and a lake and sky


Looking northeast from the top of one of the towers of Weathermere Cathedral, it is possible to see the five Lance-like towers that mark the boundaries of Mosprey-mere.

Only the hills of Malsenna - far to north - reach as high as those within the osprey earldom; and on a clear day from the highest of the five towers - the Zenitha Tower - it is possible to see not only the Great Cathedral in Andemira, but the Sunset Tower in Scarhys and the Cloud Windmills that grace the hills in a very beautiful part of southern Avas.

As part of its name suggests Ospreys are found in Mosprey-mere. A pair nest on every mere in the earldom and are usually large for their species (some approach eagle size).

However, the Golden Ospreys who are displayed on the Earl and Archbishop's coat of arms and clothes of the troops and attendants, haven't been since the first Earl and first Archbishop both saw a pair flying over the mystical Zenitha-mere (the highest mere in the earldom) and, legend has it, dropped the Teal Sapphire Spear and Rose Gold Crozier that both take on their investiture.

Nevertheless, the Earl and Archbishop both made an impressive pair when at the coronations with their garments of mid blue decorated with gold. They would arrive together and make an arch with the spear and crozier that the newly crowned sovereign would walk under.

It is also said that at the fateful Battle of the Lune where the last Swan King fell, the Earl and Archbishop passed the spear and crozier to those who were fleeing and charged towards the foe with Lance and Longsword: horses and riders dressed in the colours of Serene Mosprey-mere like a twin pair of banners.