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Place of Refreshment - Land of Study

Abbeysfold Fields and Clouds crest with falcon and dove


If the realms that make up the Swan Kingdom are on the points of a compass, then Weathermere itself (the Mere, Cathedral and Castle) is the centre point and Canalsell lies to the East.

Abbeysfold lies to the west, and along with being the most tranquil of the realms (surpassing even one to the south known for being more sleepy than an owl at midday), shares with Scarhys and Andemira the honour of having a border that runs all the way to the sea.

It's peacefulness did make visitors wonder if that was why there is a dove on the coat of arms. But it is also to do with the fact that the area is known for its dovecotes. Every town and village has them and a composer even wrote a Dove Symphony.

The Falcon on the coat of arms is another matter. Although a pair have always nested on the Cathedral in Abbeymorton (often giving the doves a fright in not far away Fold Town) it's more to do with the early Archbishops.

In those days raiding parties would land on the coast either from the Kingdom of Avas (Weathermere's great rival) or Marioness and the Isles (Had no rival; they alarmed everyone) and the Archbishop and his Knights would be the first to engage them.

Such was their speed and ferocity in the attack that the parties would jump back onto the ships and go elsewhere. But the sight of the Archbishop dressed in gleaming armour, with the banner of the Fields and Clouds of Abbeysfold aloft and dressed in the matching cloak is now a picture more likely to be seen in a history book.


"A different mood to the previous one. Makes me want to visit," - Questioner.

"Abbeysfold was always one of the more peaceful districts of the Swan Kingdom. People could go there to have a time of rest and refreshment as well as study," - Del Elle.

"Sounds like my kind of place," - Narrator.

"I'm more of a sun, sea and sand kind of person. I would fall asleep in there," - Questioner.

"Would a nice nap be such a bad thing now and then?" - Del Elle.

"While Narrator thinks that he's in a play and your entire being ends up a cloud because you get so concept and theory-minded? Not on my watch," - Questioner.