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Realm of great beauty but also of simmering conflict


On the compass with Weathermere itself as the centre, the one-time Principality of Andemira lies to the Northwest, above Abbeysfold.

Although the Pegasus' hasn't been seen since the death of the last Prince, the Blue stags on the coat of arms are still said to roam the lush forests and in past times were believed to have been both large and tame enough to have been ridden by mounted archers into battle.

The background colours of the coat of arms were adopted by the Princes at the same time that Earls of Canalsell changed theirs and they contrasted well with the black armour that they wore.

However, no one quite understood the need for the dark cloud in the top left.

Some thought that the cloud was a warning of the storm of "arguments" that arose (and are still going on) after the Princes had gone.

Others - including the Archbishop - believe that the grey cloud is actually leaving in the banner; as a sign that the Houses will cease their quarrels and Andemira will return to being known for its beautiful woods, gentle rivers, 'quiet' beaches, horse-racing and grand architecture (the Cathedral still has the title of being the largest structure in what was the old kingdom).