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The Seaside Duchy

Scarhys Crest with falcon and windmill shield


Summer does seem to last a while in Scarhys.

The beginning of May till late November is not uncommon, and it is probably why it had the distinction of being the Swan Kingdom's warmest realm.

It lies southwest of Weathermere itself (the Mere, Cathedral and Castle), and south of the seaside portion of Abbeysfold; with long, gentle fields, streams and hills leading down to pastel towns and villages that nestle beside the sea.

It still has a great tower though, that can be seen from both Abbeysfold and Ryeshire (the realm more sleepy than an owl at noon to the south of Weathermere proper) and from it a giant version of the Summer Scarhys Banner flies.

With the sea right next door, ships leave and return from fishing trips, trade expeditions or Island retreats on a regular basis, and it's between Scarhys and a Duchy north of Andemira as to whoes ships are the most seafaring.

The competition doesn't end there as whilst the Kingdom was in existence a tournament couldn't go by without the Dukes (or Duchesses on a couple of times) having a contest and on two occasions they used barges and charged (or rather rowed) at each other from either side of Weathermere itself.

There is even one record of a not so secret trial by boat, joust and tennis on one of the beautiful Sparkling Isles (although no one is sure whether that was because the Emerald Duchess took exception when the Duchess of Scarhys changed the background of her emblem to the current one).