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Vast as the Heavens

Ten and the Azure Dragon in a large sky with clouds


Tsuki isn't alone when she helps Ka, Fu, Den and Nichi out of a giant rat pack spot.

With her is one of her closest friends: Ten of the Azure Dragon of the Heavens Empire.

She's supposed to be looking for a floating mountain where the Empire's vast and terrific Guardian - the Azure Heavens Dragon - is meant to sleep; but has decided to help her Lunar friend in her quest for Calm.

Only, it's not going too well as an unsuspecting Nichi finds out:

It's all too much for Ka (people aren't supposed to live on the Sun or the Moon, never mind a vast kingdom above the clouds):

Plus makes Fu wonder how many other people are looking for 'Immortal Beings' that don't want to be found.

Although Den might have a partial answer to that question...