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Confessions of an Imaginist

Have you got one of those imaginations?

You're not alone.

That's why I shouldn't watch all the new Mulan and most of the old one:

Start watching Inception with cookies and dark choc hobnobs before bed:

Then wonder why I dreamt about a locust-swarm of gulls diving at fish in a lake. Diving in the company of leaping common, bottle-nosed and risso's dolphins. All over the wall from my mum's (who doesn't have a great lake over the bricks).

That vivid.


Who is this person?

Anyway, enough of that. Hello. I'm Del Elle.

Artist, author and one of the founders of Delartelle, this web shop you've landed in.

Where did I start? Making illustrations of the places and characters that I would write about.

Now its more an exploration of light, skies, landscapes and colour. Each new work a further step on the journey.

It so happens that in between I rediscovered a love for bringing objects to life with my artwork:



Objects that you can read, wear on a lapel or send as a message:

Surfaces that can treasured on a mantelpiece or placed on a wall.

And Delartelle is where you can explore, read about and shop the vibrant and unusual results.


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