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A Second Pink



Welcome to our Scarhys page.

With a couple of points about the Seaside Duchy.

Second features a bit with Scarhys (full name Summer Scarhys):

Second shield to be sketched:

Second crest to be sketched too.

It's also the second of the Pinks. Only, in contrast to Canalsell, Scarhys has a layer of yellow at the bottom of its picture.

Summer seems to last longer in the Seaside Dukedom too. Enough for it to be labelled as one of the Swan Kingdom's top holiday spots (the lake country on the far side of Canalsell is another).

Also helped by a set of near-tropical islands not too far off the west coast (a getaway from the getaway).


Best Wishes,

Del Elle


P.S. Just realised that if you have Scarhys on the left and Canalsell on the right, they are almost looking at each other.