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Azure Legacy

Weathermere Neo Azura crest with the unicorn hare and swan on a sky blue background


As the word Neo (from the Greek word neos meaning recent and new) suggests, this wasn't the first design of what became known as the Weathermere Azura.

It was originally devised by one of the Swan Queens who, rumour has it, chose the Azure for her coronation as the Weathermere Blue was "too moody for such a fine summer's day."

Indeed, she became known as the Azure Swan and would even wear the blue into battle along with her personal standard which still bears the design.

Although her successors by large returned to the deeper shades (one went really Starpoint deep); the sky blue or Azura was revived in the surcoat, horse armour and standard of the leader of the armies in the ruler's absence and the bearer of the Sword of Swans: making the Constable of Weathermere truly a sight to see in the Neo Azura.