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Weathermere crest with stars


At certain points in the Swan Kingdom's history, the ruler has decided to 'change the colours'.

One leaned towards grey and pink (Weathermere Dawn) another was fixated by oranges (Weathermere Saffron).

There was even talk of a series of greys (Weathermere Neutral) but it didn't stay for long as the king who brought it in was picked out and shot during an invasion of Lavaysa (his outfit had been changed, but there hadn't been time for his troops to get their new uniforms before heading north).

His successor returned to the deep gemstone blue the Swan Kingdom was usually linked with; but went for a more monochrome design in which the stars seemed to have a particular sparkle.

One painting is said to show the king - known as - the Saint - kneeling with the Archbishops at the completion ceremony of the great Cathedral in Andemira; dressed in what became known as 'The Starpoint.'

Not only him, but also the formidable Swan Knights - with the exception of the Constable who wore the 'Weathermere Azure' so similar to the shades of the butterflies that flew over Chalkisia.

They were also quite a sight when at the 'Stand off at Greenport,' where the Swan King of Weathermere and the Queen of Eagles of Avas met to agree terms that saw peace arrive on the Lavaysa River for the first time since anyone could remember.