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Radiant as the Moon

Tsuki the Lunar Champion and the Silver Moon Unicorn


Meet Tsuki the Lunar Champion and the radiant Silver Moon Unicorn.

Framing them like a lunar archway, shines the Chinese Hanzi/ Japanese Kanji for Moon; with clouds and a star-speckled sky beyond.

Despite her celestial home being so soft and tranquil on a given night, the same can't be said about Tsuki.

The latest Lunar Champion's rage is already becoming a hot topic at home and is starting to make it's presence felt elsewhere (almost has Nichi in tears barely five minutes after meeting him).

Whilst the anger does seem to enhance her already considerable combat abilities, Tsuki is not too happy about being seven seconds away from erupting. So she has decided to descend to the "Anvil" for some "Peace and Quiet" and gather some information on the whereabouts of her home realm's Guardian - the Radiant Silver Moon Unicorn.

Saving three earthlings and a trembling sun-ray from some oxen-sized rats is not what she had in mind.