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The Fabled Swan Kingdom

Coat of arms of the Swan Kingdom - Weathermere


As it's name suggests there was - and still is - a body of water named Weathermere.

Blue as a sapphire on a clear day; sky silver on an overcast one. At night it would seem that the very stars were dancing on the water and the moon would give it a lunar glow.

It could be tranquil or rough; stormy or kind, all within a day, and people would wonder if the air was responsible for the changing weather, or the Mere herself.

Although the Swan Knights and guards could wear the royal crest with the deep blue gradient (see earlier post with profile picture on) only the current Ruler would wear the cloak with the mere displayed as on this picture; complete with a banner.

But - no matter how glorious the Swan King or Queen would look - even on coronation day as they were ferried across the mere by barge to the Cathedral, they could never match the flock of swans that would come uncalled for as an entourage.

Nor touch the marble white-walled and ultramarine blue rooved castle; the soaring, snow-crystal pale cathedral and the gentle, sky-mirror mere; shining like three earth-set stars and being visible from as far away as Scarhys or Mosprey-mere. 


"It's Weathermere Aura isn't it," - Questioner.

"The Kingdom that has gone but lives on the realms that once made up it's might," - Del Elle.

"Don't leave out it's also the story that you got rid of; But still keep the artwork." - Questioner.

"I had to let it go. It was as if I had hit a wall and couldn't go any further with it."

"Like I occasionally do when you can't see the wood for the trees."

"Here we go again..." - Narrator.


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