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    About Del Elle

    Fu of Airisia in a sky with clouds


    "I paint not because I can do it, but rather because I can't not do it."

     - Yuliya Stratovich


    "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."

    - Michelangelo


    Hi. I'm Del Elle. Nice to meet you.

    I could say that I am an artist, author and poet.

    But they come second to the point that I'm a person moved by music, sky and landscapes and colour.



    Yes Colour.

    I like using it.

    It gets me going. 

    Especially combinations of it and that devastating - almost electrifying - pale blue on distant horizons.


    If I saw a statue of a figurine, I used to find that I wanted to colour it in or paint it (I actually did once; a set of dolphins jumping with a wave. Perhaps I should post it on Conversations at some point).


    Similarly, when I saw the blues used by Yves Klein I just wanted to paint objects with it, and even add white clouds to the blue.



    At the moment I am working on pieces inspired by either the stories that I write or the Constellations in the Night Sky. They begin with fine-line pen sketches in a notebook (I should post that on Instagram too). When happy I leave it for a week or more before either adding colour with markers to the sketch or just going for by drawing a larger version on a marker pad (the paper doesn't bleed through the paper): In pencil first, then in various fine-line pens or various thickness.


    Next comes the 'Grisaille' (Painting or colouring in grey monochrome), where the light and shadow values can be worked out and in some ways I find this to be one of the most relaxing stages.


    After another space - usually a week - the time will arrive to add colour in layers: Lightest first, then darker shades (In contrast to when I used pencils when I worked from dark to light in stages).



    All of this is done to a background of music. Progressive House seems to work particularly well as each track can be up to 7 or 8 minutes long and each track can also flow beautifully into the other. For writing it tends to be pieces by Luvian, Channel Swimmer and Zuper to name a trio; whilst for studying and times of rest I find that Classical music helps (BBC Radio 3).



    I could go further about the scanning, using the pen and the tablet on the backgrounds and so forth, but I may have spoken for too long. But if you want a more condensed piece about what inspires me, the following words say it best:


    "I Love Colour,
    I am moved by Fair-weather-clouded skies,
    Open Landscapes,
    And Music.


    Writing Stories and Poems,
    Plus Creating Art,
    Is how I respond to them.


    Best Wishes."



    Who is in the picture at the top?

    If you're wondering who the person in the picture at the top of the page is, it's Fu of Airisia with the Chinese Hanzi/ Japanese Character for Wind behind him.