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What is this?



No, not the picture above.


What is this 'Conversations' about?


Q & A?


Back & Forth?


Serve & Return?


"It's not tennis," - Questioner.


"It's steps on the journey," - Del Elle.


"A space for us to talk about," - Narrator.


"What we get up to," - They say together.


"So queasy..." Questioner groans. "Just tell them it's a script or journal!"



Something further to read


"Further down you will find other posts that you can read or bookmark for a later date if you wish." - Narrator.


"If you want to know more about the delinquent creative force of this outfit, you can read this," - Questioner.


"Or - since conversations are a two-way street - you are more than welcome to get in touch here. You can even just say hi if you like, but we would love to know who you are, what you are up to and how did you find our site." - Del Elle.