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First of the Greens



To our Abbeysfold page.

With a couple of notes about the calmest of the realms of the Swan Kingdom.

Its full title is Abbeysfold Fields and Clouds. But, as I didn't want to be saying that all the time, it's called Abbeysfold for short.

In the story, its territory lay to the west of Weathermere proper; north of Scarhys  and south of Andemira.

Indeed, Abbeysfold's crest has something in common with each of them:

  • Along with Andemira, Abbeysfold is one of the Greens;
  • With Weathermere, it's one of the two crests where it looks as if the helmet (or mitre) is looking out at you;
  • Not only do they have coastlines, but Scarhys and Abbeysfold both have birds perched on either side of their shields.

Curious what you notice when you're looking at a picture and writing something down.


Till next time,

Del Elle


P.S. As well as being the First of the Greens, Abbeysfold was also the first of the six crests to be made into a video :)