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One of the Greens


Nice to see you,

Welcome to our Andemira page :)

With one or two notes about the 2nd of the Greens.

In the sequence of shields, Andemira (full name Andemira Cloud) was the last to be sketched.

I wanted to have a Pegasus on the shield; to contrast with a previous design of a shield with a unicorn.

The realm the Pegasus crest represents was going to be a place of great beauty; yet also be a realm where a quarrel, scuffle or battle was never far away (even with the neighbours).

Andemira’s also - along with Abbeysfold - one of the Greens; with touches of yellow to contrast with Abbeysfold’s soft turquoise and distant blues.

It's also one of the two 'A's'; but I don’t think that the other four form pairs with their first letters.


Best Wishes

Del Elle